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The Bridge

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A man lies in a coma after a near-fatal accident. His body broken, his memory vanished, he finds himself in the surreal world of the bridge - a world free of the usual constraints of time and space, a world where dream and fantasy, past and future fuse. Who is this man? Where is he? Is he more dead than alive? Or has he never been so alive before?

Why you should (or shouldn't) read this book...

'Iain Banks of The Wasp Factory eclipses that sensational debut... a real dazzler' Daily Mail

'Great artistry, great virtuosity... great exuberance' New Statesman

'This one's his best yet' NME

'The Bridge is serious, but playful; it is full of throwaway jokes, minor tangles for the reader/writer to sort out, political/cultural references to the kind of reality that rarely gets into British literature, and nuggets of surprising truth juxtaposed with outrageous lies... convincing in a way too little fantasy or mainstream literature is' City Limits

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