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Canal Dreams

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Hisako Onoda, world famous cellist, refuses to fly. And so she travels to Europe as a passenger on a tanker bound through the Panama Canal. By the end of her journey she has ignited one soldier with an oxy-acetylene torch, stabbed another through the chest with the spike of her cello, clobbered a guard with the butt of a rifle and raked terrorists with machine-gun fire before frazzling the survivors in an oil-covered sea.

Why you should (or shouldn't) read this book...

'Brilliantly crafted' Scotsman

'Currents of dark wit swirl through Banks' writing, enriching its buoyancy... and like Graham Greene, he can readily open the reader's sensees to the "foreignness" of places' Scotland on Sunday

'Extraordinary, brilliant, bloody' Fay Weldon

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