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Contributing to Culture Shock
As always, any help is gratefully appreciated. If you have anything you think would be suited to this site. Or if any of the links have ceased to work, please email me straight away by clicking the email address at the end of this page. This site was developed and is maintained by Robert Keogh.
The following people helped contribute to this site. Many thanks!
  • Thanks to Simon Walley who originally created and maintained this site.
  • Greg Eden for the cover scans, full bibliography, and the Disjecta promo.
  • Chris S. Hwang for the account and constructive criticism of the site.
  • Dave Simmons for html markup of some interview transcripts.
  • Ian Young for completing and html markup of the ship name list.
  • Brett Holman for the original list of ship names.
  • Gidon for the html markup of "A Few Brief Notes on the Culture".
  • Kevin O'Donnell for the Radical Scotland interview.
  • Neale Grant for interviews, and Excession news.
  • Anthony Cunningham for Banks Electoral Coverage.
  • Simon McKenzie for the Time Off interview and The Wasp Factory casting info.
  • Neil Costigan for the excellant Wired interview.
  • Kate McDonnell for the Whit review.
  • Andy Williams for The Bridge CD information and images.
  • Alistair for the Scottish Socialist Voice interview.
  • Derren Phillips for the SFX interview.

    ...and everyone else who offered suggestions and information. Thanks!

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