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Feersum Endjinn

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Count Alandre Sessine VII has already died seven times. He has only one life left - one last chance to catch his killer. His only clues point to a conspiracy beyond his own murder. For catastrophe is fast approaching the earth from which there is no escape - until a loophole through the apocalypse is discovered. And a chosen few will do anything to keep it a secret

Someone has betrayed Sessine, killed him before he could uncover the truth. Now he has three days before his funeral to live the way men used to live: restricted to one life where one mistake could be his last.

Suddenly he finds himself an outlaw, a fugitive, a desperado.

And his only hope of survival is finding others like himself.

Others who hold a piece of the puzzle to an enigmatic weapon of salvation and chaos....

Why you should (or shouldn't) read this book...

Ever since his stunning novel The Wasp Factory set readers on fire, Iain M. Banks has been defying category and convention with his thrilling speculative fiction. Now he goes a step beyond his previous imaginative journeys to create his most exciting and provocative science fiction novel yet...

'Banks is a phenomenon: the wildly successful, fearlessly creative authour of brilliant and disturbing non-genre novels ( The Wasp Factory, Complicity), he's equally at home writing pure science fiction (like Feersum Endjinn ) of a peculiarly gnarly energy and elegance. I suspect we have actual laws against this sort of thing in the United States, but Iain Banks, whether you take him with the 'M.' or without, is currently a legal import ' William Gibson

'Iain Banks never does the same thing twice. But he always does it sublimely.' Los Angeles Times

'The rise of Iain Banks marks a genuine and original talent.' The Detroit News

'Banks is a superb writer, so good that we can hardly notice his excellance, so compelling is the story.' San Francisco Chronicle

'The most imaginative writer of his generation.' The Times

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