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Consider Phlebas The Player of Games
GCU Nervous Energy
GCU Prosthetic Conscience
GSV The Ends Of Invention [ex-Culture]
GSV Eschatologist (temporary name)
GSV Irregular Apocalyse
GSV No More Mr Nice Guy
GSV Determinist
GSV Bora Horza Gobuchul
LSV Profit Margin
ROU Trade Surplus
ROU Revisionist
Clipper Screw Loose
GCU Flexible Demeanour
GCU Just Read The Instructions
GCU Of Course I Still Love You
GOU Limiting Factor
GSV Cargo Cult
GSV Little Rascal
GSV So Much For Subtlety
GSV Unfortunate Conflict Of Evidence
GSV Youthful Indiscretion
LOU Gunboat Diplomat
dROU Zealot
Superlifter Kiss My Ass
Superlifter Prime Mover
The State of the Art
GSV Bad for Business
GCU Arbitrary
GCU Cantankerous
GCU Only Slightly Bent
GCU I Thought He Was With You
GCU Space Monster
GCU A Series Of Unlikely Explanations
GCU Big Sexy Beast
GCU Never Talk To Strangers
GCU Funny, It Worked Last Time...
GCU Boo!
GCU Ultimate Ship The Second
GCU It'll Be Over By Christmas
chapter & sub titles
A Ship With A View
Arrested Development
Credibility Problem
Dramatic Exit
Excuses And Accusations
God Told Me To Do It
Halation Effect
Happy Idiot Talk
Helpless In The Face Of Your Beauty
Just Another Victim Of The Ambient Morality
chapter & sub titles
Minority Report
Not Wanted On Voyage
Sacrificial Victim
Stranger Here Myself
Synchronize Your Dogmas
Thank you And Goodnight
The Precise Nature Of The Catastrope
Unwitting Accomplice
Undesirable Alien
Well I Was In The Neighbourhood
You Would If You Really Loved Me
You'll Thank Me Later
Culture - includes Ulterior and Eccentrics

GCU Different Tan (Mountain Class)
GCU Fate Amenable To Change (River Class)
GCU Gray Area
GCU It's Character Forming
GCU Jaundiced Outlook (Ridge)
GCU Problem Child (Troubadour)
GCU Reasonable Excuse
GCU Recent Convert
GCU Tactical Grace (Escarpment Class)
GCU Unacceptable Behaviour
GCV Steely Glint (Plains)

Highpoint (ulterior)
Shoot Them Later (eccentric;ulterior)

LOU Attitude Adjuster (Killer)
ROU Killing Time (Torturer Class)
dROU Frank Exchange Of Views (Psychopath Class)
Systems Vehicles

GSV Anticipation Of A New Lover's Arrival, The (Plate)
GSV Death and Gravity
GSV Ethics Gradient (Range)
GSV Honest Mistake
GSV Limivourous (Ocean)
GSV No Fixed Abode (Sabbaticaler, ex Equator)
GSV Quietly Confident (Plate)
GSV Sleeper Service (Plate)
GSV Uninvited Guest
GSV Use Psychology
GSV What Is The Answer and Why?
GSV Wisdom Like Silence (Continent)
GSV Yawning Angel (Range)
GSV Zero Gravitas
LSV Misophist
LSV Serious Callers Only (Tundra)
MSV Not Invented Here (Desert)

Zetetic Elench

Appeal To Reason
Break Even
Long View
Peace Makes Plenty
Sober Counsel
Within Reason


Kiss the Blade (Battle Cruiser)
Furious Purpose
SacSlicer II

(MBU) Full Refund (Empire Class- Homomdan Convertcraft Vessel)
Superlifter Charitable View (Cliff)
Cruise Ship Just Passing Through
Added Value
I Blame Your Mother
I Blame My Mother
Heavy Messing - ex-culture ship
Use of Weapons
Just Testing
Very Little Gravitas Indeed
What Are The Civilian Applications?
Congenital Optimist
Size Isn't Everything
Sweet and Full of Grace
ship nomenclature
GCU General Contact Unit classes: Delinquent
GOU General Offensive Unit  
GSV General System Vehicle  
LOU Limited Offensive Unit classes: Hooligan
LSV Limited System Vehicle  
MSV Medium Systems Vehicle Desert Class: 3.5km length (Original GSV concept, now reclassified MSV)
ROU Rapid Offensive Unit classes: Abominator, Torturer, Gangster, Inquisitor, Killer, Psychopath, Thug, Scree (LCU) demilitarized Rapid Offensive Unit [Renamed "very fast picket" in Weapons]
This file was first written by Ian Young and is maintained by Robert Keogh.
The ships are ordered by book, type, and alphabetically. The ships appearing only as chapter and subsection headings in The State of the Art have also been added.
Thanks to the following for originally compiling this list on rec.arts.sf.written, contributing amendments and updates.

  Scott Colvin Beeler
Brett Holman
Paul Mison
Heikki Poso
Rodrick Su
Mark Willoughby
Ian Young

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