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Song of Stone

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Cover by Peter Browne

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The war is ending, perhaps ended...

For the castle and its occupants the troubles are just beginning. Armed gangs roam its lawless land where each farm and house supports a column of dark smoke. Taking to the roads with the other refugees, anonymous in their raggedness, seems safer than remaining in the ancient keep. But the lieutenant of an outlaw band has other ideas, and the castle becomes the focus for a dangerous game of desire, deceit and death.

Combining a gripping narrative qith a soaring, voyaging imagination, A Song of Stone addresses timeless questions of truth, betrayal, duty and loyalty, weaving them around a complex plot into a seamless spellbinding whole.

Why you should (or shouldn't read this book...

"Exhilarating... not for the first time, Iain Banks has produced a work of imagination and arresting originality" - Sunday Telegraph.

"Banks' prose, quite a departure from anything in his previous work, is lyrical and lush ... as intricate and flirtatious as the characteristic Banks interplay of plot and ideas ... His boldest and most ambitious experiment with fiction since The Bridge" - Time Out.

"Compulsively readable ... the enigma at the heart of the novel will ensure repeat readings" - Times Literary Supplement.

"An apocalyptic masterpiece" - Financial Times.

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