I first learned how to fly in my dreams. The intense and blissful freedom of dreamflight carried over to my waking life in my pursuit of what has become the ultimate form of skydiving - freeflying. Freeflying begins where traditional skydiving ends. From 1994-1997, I progressively got more daring with my freeflying exploits, and was eventually humbled by a significant neck injury on my 615th jump.  But what a blast!  Nothing can describe this transcendent experience. By treating the atmosphere as your playground rather than something you fall through everything expands. By mastering your body position, the freedom gained over how fast you fly and in what direction is tremendous...

Here are some pics of Olav Zipser and myself (pictured here and on the right).

Free Flight, Endless New

We came from the sea upon the land,
Then we dreamed of flying,
Humankind has developed into a flying species,
Ballons, Airplanes, Spaceships,and now the pure body itself,
Starting from the right place on Earth anybody can fly,
If they understand the FREE FLY concept,
If not, they will fall through the air like a sinking non-swimmer in water,
One quarter of all posible directions to choose from,
With speeds up to one half of the sound waves,
1155 Billion cubic feet to be like nowhere else on this whole planet,
Cruising the atmosphere, the last frontier before space,
This planet skin touching everything at once.


Olav Zipser, 1994.
 My friend, teacher, and 3 Time World Freestyle Champion.