The nöosphere has been defined as the sum total of all human knowledge and experience. This would include everything from our most private dreams to our knowledge of Universe itself. With accelerating technology as its catalyst, our nöopshere is expanding at its greatest rate in history.

According to the standard inflationary model of cosmology, the 'visible' universe mapped by our telescopes is an infinitesimally small speck in a much larger universe of at least a 1035 light-year radius. If the galactic density of our own neighborhood is typical, then our bubble-universe could contain at least another 10100 galaxies - more galaxies than atoms in our own visible universe!

Despite the possibilility that life might be extremely rare, a number as large as 10100 is likely to produce an abundance of life throughout the universe. A place where countless lifeforms evolve beyond their womb planets into highly advanced space-faring civilizations. Even if somehow life only occurs once in the lifetime of a trillion galaxies, and out of those only one a trillion ever evolves out of its womb planet, in this model we're still left with an astounding 1075 advanced societies - more alien cultures than the number of atoms composing planet Earth! For some perspective on such a number, there are more atoms in a single grain of sand than there are grains of sand on the beach from which it was plucked.

Assuming life were this rare, our nearest star-hopping neighbors would probably be trillions of light-years away. Only future technologies like travel through traversable wormholes (like the hyperspace of Star Wars) might ever give us the ability to connect with these cultures. For an enlightening discussion of some possible scenarios, see Michael C. Price's Some Implications of Traversible Wormholes.

According to Price, the implications of such 'Contact' would be staggering,"The number of alien cultures would be so large, that it is unlikely anyone could ever catalog all of them, even if they did have computers the size of Jupiter! No historian could encompass the sweep of history, no biologist catalog the species. In a profound sense we'll have returned to a vast ancient world, surrounded by distant lands populated with mythical and fantastic creatures. Construction of a single universal map would be impossible. The culture shock of trying to absorb such a vast amount of new data would take close to eternity.

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"If she lost her personal wormhole and forgot her
trans-species designation code (a seventy digit number!) she
would never, ever find her way home again. None of her
descriptions of where she comes from would relate to
anything anyone else knows. "



And just when you thought the universe couldn't get any bigger, along comes the idea of
other universes and infinite dimensions...