Friends, Teachers and Kindred Sprits

Kathy Hughes
My wife, best friend, and soul mate.

Iain Banks
Iain's writing is what science fiction is all about - creating worlds that are more fun and free than our own. His book Consider Phlebas starts off the adventure in a future universe called The Culture - a place of "Infinite Fun Space"!


Jim Leonard
Besides being the originator of Vivation, the most profound and effective process of emotional resolution and unconditional love I have ever experienced, Jim is a great friend and collegue who I'm honored to be working with in bringing Vivation to the rest of the world. Jim has many outstanding qualities and a sense of humor that laughs easily and often. Jim is a great joy to know and a blessing for those fortunate enough to meet him.


John C. Lilly, M.D.
This space is way too short to do to Dr. Lilly justice. He remains the undisputed modern pioneer of innerspace, human-dolphin communication, inventor of the Isolation Tank, and inspiration for the lead character in Altered States. Please visit his web site to get a better idea of what he is all about.

Natasha Vita More
Natasha is the director of the Transhuman Art Centre, and the founder of the Extropian Art Movement. The way I see it, a future without art and the creative process is no future at all. As we blast off into the future aboard accelerating technology, the ability to both create our environment and oursleves will become paramount to our happiness..

Don Schorsch
Over the years I have learned the fine difference between a friend and a mere aquantaince. Don remains a true friend. He has consistently listened to my B.S. for the 14 years I've known him with complete acceptance.

Michael Stearns
My favorite composer and muscian of all time, with Planetary Unfolding being my all-time favorute album. In Michael's own words "Suddenly, I and some others were shot out of the Earth's resonance. We were sound vibration, too. We were Earth sensors sent out to bounce off of other sound masses so that our planet could feel its place in the cosmic scheme of things. It was a feeling of utter ecstasy as we danced together through the universe. It wasn't a dance thru space but more like the movement of a melody with rhythms, tensions, and releases. This was space travel unlike anything I had imagined".

Robert Anton Wilson
RAW is by far one of the most interesting and intelligent people on the planet; and one of the funniest too! RAW has mananaged to open up more mental and emotional doors in me than anyone else I know.


Other Fun and Interesting People

Nick Herbert
Ray Kurzweil
David Pearce
Terrence Mckenna
Stephen Laberge
Jack Sarfatti