My very bad passport photo from 1996.


Music is very central to my life. As a composer, I enjoy music of all kinds; ambient, jazz, electronic, space, trance, lounge, new wave, rock, pop, classical, world. A sampling would include Kate Bush, Billy Idol, Thomas Dolby, Enigma, FSOL, Iasos, Ozric Tentacles, Jean-Michele Jarre, Michael Stearns, Pat Metheney and U2.  Instruments I play include almost any percussion, keyboards and synths, and my trusty didge, pictured at right.

Places I've Called Home

Until the late 90's I'd been very mobile - having lived in 37 separate locations for at least one month. I was born on the southern coast of California. I spent about 10 years in southern and eastern Arizona, and lived at Arcosanti for about 2 years (1994-96), which is where I first started this website and discovered the web. Most of my travels have been within the Pacific Rim region, and included an 11 month journey that started in Europe and took me all the way around the world.  Favorite places are India, Bali, Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, and Bora Bora. I love to travel and I especially appreciate warm and lush locations near the ocean. The closest place I would call home are the tropical islands of the South pacific. I would consider re-creating such wonderful places elsewhere in the galaxy to be the closest thing to utopia.

Places I haven't been and want to go - Bhutan, Tibet, Iceland, Antarctica.

Places I Would Like to Call Home

There is something to be said about Empire Strikes Back and the Star Wars universe generally, especially its stunning epic sweep and breathtaking cinematography. What I like most about it is its ability to immerse me in a universe so vast in scope, that freedom and adventure are just a hyperjump away. The bar scene on Tatooine speaks volumes, and manages to express a diversity in a galaxy much richer than any other.

However when it comes to fictional universes nothing compares to 'The Culture' of Iain Banks. The Culture is essentially a galactic culture of infinite fun space. Who wouldn't want to live on ships with names like these:

GCU A Series Of Unlikely Explanations
GCU Big Sexy Beast
GSV Youthful Indiscretion
Superlifter Kiss My Ass
GCU Different Tan (Mountain Class)
GSV No Fixed Abode (Sabbaticaler, ex Equator)
GSV Yawning Angel (Range)
GSV Zero Gravitas

Check out this best of utopias at Phlebas, a site I recently created celebrating The Culture of Iain Banks.

Some of my favorite movies:

Big Blue
Buckaroo Banzai and the 8th Dimesnion
Conan: The Barbarian
Emerald Forest
HeavyMetal and the eternal Taarna
The Matrix
Real Genius
The Phoenix - a show that died before its time.
Starchaser: Legend of Orin
Until the End of the World.
Warlord: Battle for the Galaxy


Here are some people and books that have influenced me over the years.